Scoil Aonghusa Junior working towards 6th Green flag!

This year, the children of Scoil Aonghusa Junior have been very busy working towards their 6th green flag-
‘Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste’.

The children have been busy exploring themes such as:


The children explored how everyday items are produced such as chocolate and bananas. They engaged with stories of banana farmers in Columbia and discovered that farmers in some countries are not treated fairly when it comes to selling their produce. The children learned that it is important for us to support fairtrade and even identified some fair trade products when they were shopping with their parents.

We watched a video explaining fair trade and how we can help called ‘Freddy and Flora’s quest for fairness’
You can watch it here:

Here is some of the work on fairtrade that classes have on display around the school.

Other classes focused on exploring the differences between Ireland and other less well off countries. They looked at the privileges we have in our country that we sometimes take for granted and discovered that not all children in the world have the same such privileges. We were lucky enough to have Tony from Trocaire come to our school to speak to us about a little girl called Kumba living in Sierra Leone. We learned that Kumba has a very different life to ourselves and that it can be quite hard for her at times.

Even though we are always excellent at keeping Scoil Aonghusa clean and green, we used this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of recycling, reducing the amount of non-recyclable materials we use and the importance of conserving water and energy. We have been doing so much work on earning our green flags over the last number of years and we all realise the importance of keeping up the good work.

We revised the items that could be thrown into our paper and compost bins and members of the green schools committee monitored rubbish levels in classes every day. Children from various classes also worked hard to make sure the yard was clean and tidy after each break by using litter pickers daily.

Energy monitors made sure to remind teachers to turn off lights and monitors when not in use and leaky detectives made sure that we were not losing any water through dripping taps.

The children were also excellent in coming up with ways to help the environment in their own homes and brought these important messages back to their parents.

We revised our last flag, ‘Biodiversity’ and children were reminded of all the work that we had done in our school garden such as making a bug hotel, a bat box, bird houses and planting lots of colourful flowers.

The children also watched videos about the damage that plastics are doing to the environment, in particular to the seas and oceans. They discussed ways that we could begin to help such as reusing shopping bags and coffee cups and to stop using plastic bags in our lunchboxes.

You can watch videos on how plastic is affecting our planet by clicking on the links below:

Plastic Planet (a video for children)

National Geographic: How we can keep plastics out of our oceans.

Below you will see samples of the proect work the children undertook in their classes as well as the excellent posters they designed for the Green School’s topic of Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste.

We hope you like them!

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