Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 5- Show and Tell-Science Day in Scoil Aonghusa Junior

Science Day at Scoil Aonghusa Junior

On Tuesday the 28th of April 2017, Scoil Aonghusa Junior held its biennial science day.

Parents and members of the local community were invited to the school to see science demonstrations,experiments and investigations that the pupils had been working on throughout the year so far.

Past pupils from Scoil Aonghusa Senior were invited on the day also.

Here are a variety of photographs to show case all the displays, work and learning that took place before and on the day:

Mr. O Neachtain’s second class pupils teaching and learning about floating and sinking:

Ms. Buckley’s second class pupils learning about chemical reactions and showing others how to make a lava lamp:

Mrs. Canavan and Mrs. Clifford’s first class pupils showcasing their investigations into sound:

Mrs. McAdam’s first class pupils sorting, learning and explaining the term “transparency” using different materials and a torch! :

Ms. O’ Donoghue’s first class pupils making paper helicopters:

Mrs. Howard’s senior infant pupils investigating and discovering the world of magnets and what they can do:

Mrs. Allen’s senior infant pupils sorting, investigating, teaching and learning about the properties of materials:

Mr. Keniron’s senior infant class showing how to design the best type of bridge

Ms. Kelly’s senior infant class investigate fruit!

Mrs. Cronin’s junior infants play “Pass the Parcel”. They teach and learn about materials and how to describe them:

Ms. O’ Connell’s junior infants explain and demonstrate how to make bird feeders!

Ms.Hickeys class teach and learn about materials and investigate “Which Ball is the Bounciest?

Living things!
We have been busy planting vegetable and learning the life cycle of the frog!

We displayed this on science day.

Our school bug hotel and bird houses in the school court yard garden!

We always have a designated science book stand in our school and on science day we used the books and had a reading area:

Visitors learning new science information on the day:

Everyone really enjoyed science day and we always to look to this great event!

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