Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 2- Technology- Making a Podcast, Ms Buckley’s Class

Last week, Ms Buckley’s 2nd class took a trip to Tallaght library to take part in a podcast workshop.

We began our visit with some quiet reading time. The librarian complemented us on how well behaved and quiet we were!

We were then led to the conference room where we met Peter who told us all about podcasts.
A podcast is a sound file which can be uploaded to the internet and listened to by people all over the world.
A podcast can be about anything that interests you. You just have to decide on what it is you would like to talk about.

We got into groups and started brainstorming. We came up with the name ‘Top Tallaght tips’ for the title of the class podcast.

The groups all decided on a different topic to speak about and set about writing a script for their particular part.
Topics included Shamrock rovers, lego club, how to keep Tallaght clean and information about frogs.

Peter then showed us how to record our voices using a microphone and how to save it as a file we could share.

You can listen to our podcast by clicking on the link below.
We think that it is very interesting and informative. We hope you enjoy it.

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