Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 1- Science – Paper Helicopters – Ms. O’Donoghue’s First Class

Science Strand: Energy and Forces
Strand Unit: Forces
For our Science 2017 project First Class investigated Energy and Forces by making Paper Helicopters.
In this activity we explored gravity and how things fall. We learned that gravity is a force that makes everything fall down towards earth.
We started by making a paper helicopter and making some predictions about how it would fall.

Then we got to work making our own paper helicopters!
We cut out the helicopter templates and cut and bent the sides to make rotor blades.
We placed a paper clip on the bottom of each helicopter. We made two different sized helicopters to compare them.

We dropped the helicopters from different heights to see how what would happen.

After we completed our investigation we discussed our observations.

We observed that the smaller helicopter spun to the ground quicker. If we added two paper clips to the helicopter and compared it with one with only one clip the heavier helicopter spun quicker to the ground. We noticed that the rotor blades spun anti-clockwise. We discussed how gravity pulls the helicopter to the ground but the air pushes the rotor blades up so that causes them to spin.

We discussed some questions that we still had about the experiment.

We could explore this area more by experimenting with different materials when making the helicopters such as card.We finished by writing out our experiment and drawing a picture of what we had done.

We had great fun investigating gravity and forces!

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