Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 1 & 4- Science & Maths-Dancing Raisins-Mrs. McAdam’s First Class

We conducted an experiment to investigate what would happen to raisins if we put them in fizzy water.

Subject: Science
Strand: Energy & Forces./ Materials
Strand Unit: Forces / Properties and characteristics of materials

Equipment: water, 7up, clear glasses, raisins

First we put the raisins into still water. The raisins sunk to the bottom because they are heavier than the water. Next we put some raisins into 7up. This time the raisins floated to the top.

Why did this happen?
At the bottom of the fizzy drink the raisins collect bubbles of carbon dioxide and now the ‘raisins and
bubbles’ are lighter than the drink so they rise to the surface.
When they reach the surface the gas bubbles burst and the raisins sink

Science and Maths
Strand: Measure – Weight

After this we did some maths and weighed the raisins. We discovered that the raisins were heavier after being in the water.

Finally we documented our findings. Here are Ciarán’s and Cara’s findings.

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