Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 1 & 4 – Science & Maths-Exploring Sound – Can You See Sound? Mrs. Canavan / Ms. Clifford’s First Class

Strand/Strand unit – Energy and Forces/Sound
Sound is all around us. We went for a ‘sound walk’ outside. We heard leaves rustling, dogs barking, crows cawing and many other sounds. Then we went for a ‘sound walk’ inside. We heard many different sounds – children talking, chairs scratching, lights humming…..

So…we wanted to find out more about sound!
We have learned
• Sound is energy
• It’s made when something vibrates
• It moves in waves like ripples and can move through liquids, solids and air.

Can you feel the tuning fork vibrate? If you stop the vibration the sound stops.

Ring the bell under the water. Can you hear it?

Predictions and Main Investigation
We wanted to find out if we could see sound. This is what we used –
Bowl, cling film, rice, cymbals and elastic band.
We covered the top of the bowl with cling film and made it tight with the elastic band. We put some rice on top of the cling film. What will happen if we make a loud noise with the cymbals near the bowl?

We will hear a loud noise!
Some children said the rice might move. Were they right?

Oh look! The rice jumped! The sound vibrations moved the rice grains.

Link to Maths Strand
If we move the cymbals away will the rice still jump? How far do we need to go for nothing to happen to the rice when we bang the cymbals?

Pupils recordings of learning

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