Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 1 & 4- Science & Maths-Pass the Parcel-Investigating and Describing Materials -Mrs. Cronin’s Junior Infants

Learning about Materials

Before we began our experiment we used our eyes and hands to examine a variety of materials. We came up with a lot of words to describe them eg. ” this paper is shiny/ smooth”, “this fabric is slippery/ fluffy” etc. We also discussed what we could use to wrap up presents eg. sellotape, ribbon, fabric, twine etc

The children looked at the parcel and we discussed what might be inside it. We looked at the sticker with the number 21 written on it and thought about why that was there ( there are 21 children in the class). We wondered what will happen when we open the first layer of the parcel- will there be another sticker on it with a different number?

Main Investigation:
The children sat in a circle and started passing around the parcel. When the music stopped, the child holding the parcel looked at it and described the material used- the colour, texture etc. She/he opened it to discover an object inside and then passed the parcel on as the music began again. This continued until every child got a turn.

The children realised that as they opened the layers of the parcel, the parcel got smaller and smaller and the number sticker got smaller.

Link to Maths:
Strand: Number- Counting –
Strand: Space and Shape – 3d Shapes
Each parcel was numbered from 21-1 and we counted down as we opened each layer. Many of the objects between the layers were 3D shapes eg. the pencil is a cylinder, the ball is a sphere, the book is a cuboid. We also talked about which shapes can roll and which cannot.

The children had lots of fun playing Pass the Parcel!

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