Discover Primary Science – D053 – Step 1 & 4- Science & Maths-Which Magnet is the Strongest? -Ms Howard’s Senior Infants

Which magnet is the strongest?
Curricular content.
Energy: Magnetism.
Number: Counting, Comparing and ordering.
Data: Representing Data.

Step 1: Science investigations.
The children in Ms Howard’s class first investigated the materials through free play and guided discovery. They figured out that the magnets have two opposite sides called poles. A magnet can both push and pull certain objects.

The children conducted experiments to see what a magnet will attract. Here are the items they tested.

They recorded their guesses and the outcome on their worksheets.

Step 2: Predictions.

The children were asked which magnets they thought would hold the most paper clips. Ms Howard showed the class two different magnets.

Ms Howard asked the question ‘Which magnet do you think will hold the most paperclips?’. The children predicted by a show of hands which they thought would hold more.

The class predicted that the bigger circle magnet would hold more paperclips.

Step 3: Main investigation.

The class gathered around the table where we had poured out all of the paperclips. One of the children used the smaller magnet to gather as many paperclips as she could.

We did the same with the bigger magnet.

Step 4: Outcomes and findings
Link to Maths: Strand: Number – Counting

We counted up how many paperclips were stuck to each magnet.

We learned that the smaller magnet was actually the strongest because it held more paperclips.

Step 5: Further investigations.

After we learned that the strength of a magnet does not depend on its size we wanted to experiment some more.
We tested three different types of magnets to see how many paperclips they held and we recorded our work on worksheets.

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