Biodiversity Trip to Phoenix Park and The Ark

Second class pupils went on a nature walk through Phoenix park woodland area and then off to The Ark to watch an amazing performance all about bees.

The pupils learned about the importance and the characteristics of the bumble bee, the solitary bee and the honey bee through drama, song and dance.

Bees do more than make yummy honey!
Did you know that bees contribute to one out of three mouthfuls of food that we eat due to pollination.
Without them we would be very hungry indeed! Remember welcome bees to your garden, plants lots of lovely flowers.
They are more helpful than harmful.
Just stand still if they come close and they will get bored and fly away.

We really enjoyed this top class performance and would highly recommend it.

For more information and to hear the great songs again, check out their website:

Here are some photos of the day:

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