Our Visit to Tymon Park

As part of our project on biodiversity, we decided to learn about an animal and a bird that live in our locality.
We decided to look at the heron and the fox.
We researched a lot of information and wrote our own animal/bird fact files.

We learned the following interesting facts:

-A heron has a long beak shaped like a dagger to catch fish.

-A fox lives in an underground home called a den.

If you’d like to know more, check out our display board where you can see photographs and fact files.

In order to better understand the fox and the heron we decided to investigate their habitats. We are lucky enough to go to school very close to Tymon park which is home to foxes, herons and a lot of other wildlife.

We really enjoyed our walk in the park. We spent time in the fairy forest and around the lake where we were lucky enough to spot eight herons!

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