Our School Garden

In first class we’ve been working very hard on understanding Biodiversity to work towards getting our next green flag.

In January we decided to have a closer look at our school garden. We already knew that it was pretty to look at as we walked by but what else could we find out about the garden?

In our explorations we found out that we collect rain water by means of a water butt and use it to water the plants. We also collect all organic waste in the school and put it in one of our compost bins.
We found out that Bernadette and Mr McGoldrick have been working very hard at growing herbs and flowers in the garden and making it look neat and tidy.

A very interesting discovery was that there are two goldfish in our pond! They were hiding that day but we hope to catch a glimpse of them soon! Mark has also made some beautiful bird houses so hopefully we’ll see a lot of birds visiting soon too.

After our visit to the garden we spent some time working on our mapping skills and worked very hard drawing excellent maps of the school garden.

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